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Provincial Nominee Program

Become a Permanent Resident while Contributing to Canada’s Economy with a Provincial Nominee Program The Provincial Nominee Program is ideal for workers who: Have skills, education, or work experience to contribute to Canada’s economy Wish to live in a particular province of Canada Want to become permanent Canadian residents Each province, as well as the […]
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Canadian Citizenship

Enjoy Living in Canada by Gaining Canadian Citizenship Canadian citizenship is awarded to a person that the Canadian nationality law defines as a national of Canada. The majority of individuals born in Canada are automatically Canadian citizens at birth. You may also qualify as a Canadian citizen by undergoing the naturalization process in Canada. If […]
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Family sponsorship

Help Your Loved One Immigrate to Canada with the Canadian Family Sponsorship Family sponsorship programs allow Canadians to invite certain relatives to study, work, or live in Canada. You can sponsor your family for Canada if you are: A Canadian citizen An individual registered in Canada as an Indian Permanent resident of Canada You’re at […]
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Find Skilled Workers and Support their Permanent Residency with Labor Market Impact Assessment A Labor Market Impact Assessment, or simply LMIA, refers to a document that employers in Canada may require to hire a foreign worker. A positive Labor Market Impact Assessment reveals that a particular job requires a foreign worker. It also shows that […]
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Work permit

Secure Your Dream Job with a Canadian Work Permit A Canadian work permit or a Work Visa is a document permitting overseas individuals to secure a job within Canada. In most cases, you’ll need a work permit to fill a job position in Canada. However, you may visit the Government of Canada’s official website to […]
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Study visa

Uncover New Learning Opportunities with a Canadian Study Visa If you’re planning to study in Canada, a Canadian study permit is necessary. This serves as your student visa for as long as you stay. Learners taking a course/program that lasts a maximum of six months do not require a Canadian study visa. However, it’s always […]
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PR Card

PR Card Renewal What is a PR Card? The Permanent Resident card, simply known as a PR Card, refers to an identification and travel document. These cards are issued for permanent residents and are eligible for up to 5 years. Applicants are encouraged to apply for a PR card if it’s about to expire in […]
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Express Entry

Enjoy Permanent Residency in Canada with Express Entry Express Entry refers to an online immigration application system. With the help of EE, skilled workers can submit a profile to be considered a ‘skilled immigrant.’ Individuals who secure high rankings are also invited to apply for permanent residence. You should use EE under the following four […]
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Visitor Visa

Visitor visa What is a Visitor Visa? Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Visa is an official travel document required to enter and tour Canada as a visitor. The Visitor Visa is usually approved until the validity of applicant’s passport, but the person can only stay in Canada for at most 6 months upon their entry. […]
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